Become a member

Celia is a fellow Derby resident of yours who came to the Local Welcome event in Derby last month- you might have met her there! Celia is a member too, but she’s just trained to become one of our table leaders, so now she is looking for members to join her team.

Whilst we’re talking about this, here’s another thing: those you invite to share your meals like refugees and older people are your guests.

At each meal 3 members pair up with 3 guests and are led through the recipe steps by the table leader. At the same time, the table leader will ask everyone on the table a question like ‘What is your favourite meal?’ or ‘What are you looking forward to next week’ to help everyone get to know one another.

People tell us the questions really help to get everyone talking and lead to all sorts of interesting conversations 😁

Membership is £5 each month which covers:

  • Food and recipes for everyone around the table each month

  • All the cooking equipment and ingredients your team will need

Our members tell us that their membership is about more than just a meal for them, it’s a way to meet new friends and really connect with their community.

We would ask you to commit to being a member and to pay £5 monthly for at least six months (about 3 or 4 meals).

After this, you would be free to cancel at any time, but we don’t think you will because Local Welcome meals are the best!