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As a member, we ask you to commit to joining one meal each month. We know life gets busy, so we’ll send you a list of dates in advance so you can sign up to the day suits you best.

Once you’ve selected your date, all you need to do is turn up and enjoy the magic :-)


All our members pay £5 per month membership fee (the only people who don’t pay are refugees). Most of this goes on the cost of food and equipment, with some left over to support our little team so we can bring Local Welcome to more people.

Your membership fee matters because we want to be a member-funded organisation so we don’t have to rely on grants from funders in the long run. We’d much prefer to be accountable to you, our members, than funders.

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Click ‘Set up £5 membership payment’ below to go to a website called Stripe to set up your payment. It’s safe and secure.

Read our terms and conditions to understand the membership payment in more detail.