Chickpea Salad - food setup


  • three lemons

  • one pack of red chillis

  • three red onions

  • two packs of mint

  • two packs of baby plum tomatoes

  • two packs of basil

  • one pack of feta cheese

  • three tins of chickpeas.

  1. Remove all the packaging, but keep the packets safe in case anyone needs to check the ingredients for allergies.

  2. Wash the chillis, mint, tomatoes and basil.

  3. Open each chickpea can, drain the water, using the sieve and place the chickpeas back into the tins.

  4. Place the three chickpea tins and the food onto the table (using the coloured plates to hold the food, not the remaining silver bowls).

  5. Keep all the ingredients together e.g. don’t spilt by place setting