On the fence about whether or not you’re coming? Here are some concerns we think you might have and some lovely reassurances.

If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you, get in touch at hello@local-welcome.org.


Sounds great, but I’m really busy and I’m worried I won’t be able to commit the time.


Don’t worry. Local Welcome has been designed for people like you. All you need to commit to is a 2-3 hours, one weekend a month.


I love this idea but I’ve got no idea what to say to a refugee, what if I say the wrong thing or upset them, or we can’t understand each other?


We hear you and we understand. That’s why we’ve spent three years designing our meals so that they’re 100% awkwardness free. There’s not enough space here to tell you how, but trust us, come along and see for yourself.


What will we be cooking?


Delicious and yummy things! Everything is veggie by default, and we can also make meals vegan, gluten-free and dairy free too. There’s a box you can tick to tell us about your dietary requirements when you book your place.


Can I bring friends?


Yes! Local Welcome meals are perfect for groups of mates. We even had a whole dodgeball team once! Just send everyone you want to invite the link to this page and ask them to sign up.  


Will I be ok to come on my own?


Yes! Local Welcome meals are perfect for people flying solo. There’ll be no awkward shuffling around at the back for you - you’ll have a place at one of our tables and by our calculations will have made a new friend within about 30 seconds of entering the building.


What if I’ve already been to a Local Welcome meal?


Then you already know how special our meals are! And as we are a membership-funded organisation (we think it’s better that way as we’re accountable to you) all we ask is that you sign up to become a Local Welcome member before you book your place on your next meal. It’s £5 each month which means you can come to one meal every month. And it’s easy to do.