Welcome, table leader...

Here’s your guide to running a brilliant Local Welcome meal. Enjoy your day and good luck!



Meet guests at the hostel

One leader will go to meet your guests at their hostel and walk them back to the venue. It’s important to be at the hostel for 12:00 as this is when the guests are told to meet you.

It is a great opportunity to start the conversation on the way, but please be mindful while crossing roads.



Welcome members

Welcome members as they arrive and mark them off on the attendance list. Give them a sticker to write their name on and show them where to sit.

Mixing the crowd as much as you can is the key to enable interesting conversations!



Welcome guests

Welcome guests as they arrive. Give them a sticker to write their name on and show them where to sit.

Remember, there should be three members and three guests per table, plus one leader. Members and guests should be sitting in pairs.


Prepare to eat the meal together

  • Move all the dirty bowls, knives and other equipment that you’ve used into the kitchen for washing up (but don’t start washing up yet!)

  • Wipe down your table so that it’s ready for eating.

  • Move the tables to create one big table in the centre of the room so the whole group can eat together.

  • Lay out all the food you’ve prepared on the big table, along with the pitta bread, hummous and grapes.

  • Place the water jugs, kitchen towel, cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, salt and pepper onto your group table so you are ready to eat.



Wash up and tidy up

It’s important that everybody helps to wash and tidy up. The leader’s role is to organise this so don’t start doing the washing up yourself! You can put people into groups to complete these tasks:

  • Put all rubbish and food waste in the bins and recycling.

  • Wash, rinse, and dry all of the equipment

  • Stack clean equipment on tables with similar things grouped (do not pack away into boxes yet as this happens later after counting!)

  • Wipe down the tables and sweep up the floor of the hall.

  • Stack the chairs and tables where they need to go.



End the meal and say goodbye

Get everyone together and thank the members and the guests for coming. While saying goodbyes, give out any remaining food. Remember that all the leaders need to stay to do the final steps below.

One leader might need to walk guests back to the hostel.


Pack and store the boxes

Now there are only leaders left it’s time to pack the boxes:

  • Use the ‘equipment audit’ sheet to count and record everything.

  • Write comments for anything that needs to be re-ordered.

  • Take a photo of the completed sheet with your phone for later.

  • Pack the equipment into the boxes. Keep similar items together.

  • Put the straps around the boxes and make sure they are locked.

  • Move the boxes to where they should be stored.



Exit the venue

Make sure the venue is as clean and tidy as you found it (or better!). This includes using the venue cleaning equipment to sweep or vacuum the floors.

Lock up and leave the venue by 15.00 latest.