Welcome, table leader...

Here’s your guide to running a brilliant Local Welcome meal. Enjoy your day and good luck!


12.00-12.40: Meet guests at the hostel

One leader will go to meet your guests at their hostel and walk them back to the venue. It’s important to be at the hostel for 12:00 as this is when the guests are told to meet you.

It is a great opportunity to start the conversation on the way, but please be mindful while crossing roads.


12.30: Welcome members

Welcome members as they arrive and mark them off on the attendance list. Give them a sticker to write their name on and show them where to sit.

Mixing the crowd as much as you can is the key to enable interesting conversations!


12.25: Welcome guests

Welcome guests as they arrive. Give them a sticker to write their name on and show them where to sit.

Remember, there should be three members and three guests per table, plus one leader. Members and guests should be sitting in pairs.


14.00: Wash up and tidy up

It’s important that everybody helps to wash and tidy up. You can put people into groups to complete these tasks:

  • Put all rubbish and food waste in the bins and recycling.

  • Wash, rinse, and dry all of the equipment

  • Sort the dry equipment into four piles (one for each box).

  • Wipe down the tables and sweep up the floor of the hall.

  • Stack the chairs and tables where they need to go.


14.30 End the event

Get everyone together and thank them for coming. While saying goodbyes, give out any remaining food.

One leader might need to walk guests back.


15.00 Exit the venue

Make sure the venue is as clean and tidy as you found it (or better!) Lock up and leave the venue by 15.00 latest.