Hi there,

In a divided world, we think it’s important to bring people together who are different from each other to share their stories.

Local Welcome makes it fun and easy for you and your friends to cook and eat a meal with people in your community who feel isolated like refugees or older people who live alone.

You’re invited to become a member of a Local Welcome team in Derby. It’s easy to start making a difference in your community, here’s how…


Become a member


As a member, you’ll be helping people to connect and have an amazing experience. You’ll join a team of 8 people and each month 3 of you will join a meal at your local community centre organised by your table leader.

At each meal 3 members pair up with 3 guests and are led through the recipe steps by the table leader. At the same time, the table leader will ask everyone on the table a question like ‘What is your favourite meal?’ or ‘What are you looking forward to next week’ to help everyone get to know one another.



Spend time with old friends and make new ones.

Share stories

Hear people’s stories and share your own


Do something great

Be the change you want to see in your community.