How it works

We've created a way for people to prepare a delicious meal together while finding out more about each other.

Our meals are fun because stories are the most important ingredient. Here's how it works...   


Create a team
As a table leader you'll invite 7 of your friends to join a team. Each month you, plus 3 people from the team, will join a meal. Your friends will be members and locals like refugees and older people will be your guests.

You and each member of your team will pay £5 per month. This is to cover the cost of meals  for everyone each month. We ask table leaders for a one-time £30 registration fee to cover the cost of signing you up.


Decide on the dates for your monthly meals and we'll make it each for your team to organise who attends them. We'll send you a box of cooking equipment and deliver fresh ingredients monthly.


Eat as friends
At each stage of the recipe, you'll ask a question of everyone at the table, like, 'What's the best meal you ever had?' or 'What are you looking forward to this week?' so you get to know each other.

Cook in pairs
Before each meal you’ll all set up the table together. 3 members pair up with 3 guests, sitting together at the table. As table leader, you'll lead the pairs through the recipe steps.


Stay connected
You’ll keep meeting monthly, catching up with old friends and making new ones. You’ll have fun and make a difference in your community by building great connections and supporting each other.