Cancelling a Local Welcome meal

We don’t like cancelling Local Welcome meals if we can help it. But there are times when it is important to cancel a meal. Even if it’s at the last minute.

Here are some of the reasons we would cancel a meal:

  • We will always cancel a meal if there are fewer than 3 leaders present on the day. Our leaders have DBS checks and help us with safeguarding. It is unsafe to run a meal without three leaders in the room.

  • We will cancel a meal if we can’t get into the venue.

  • We will cancel a meal if the food delivery doesn’t turn up.

  • We will cancel a meal if we haven’t sold enough tickets to make the meal worthwhile.

There are other reasons we will cancel a meal as well.

The decision to cancel a meal will always be made by a Local Welcome member of staff (either one who is at the meal or one that is “on call”). This person will make the decision to cancel, notify all the members and guests by email and text message, and support the leaders in doing any tasks at the venue.

If it looks like a meal might be cancelled it is better to let us know sooner rather than later! We’d rather cancel before anyone makes a wasted trip.

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