Learning and improving as we go

Local Welcome is a tiny organisation. There are only 7 of us. And yet we are trying to go from nothing to 100 groups in the next two years. That’s a lot of growth.

To grow like this we do three things:

  1. We only focus on the most important problems

  2. We come up with solutions that are ‘good enough’

  3. We run these solutions until they break - and then we repeat the cycle.

There are lots of good things about this. We move fast. We change things quickly. We learn from real experience rather than spending ages trying to think of everything up front (which doesn’t work anyway!). And it’s fun and it’s exciting.

There are also some hard things about this. We deal with things not working as well as they could do. We experience failures and setbacks. Some things don’t change for ages. And, deep down, lots of us wish we could make things perfect the first time.

We’re OK with this trade-off. We’re asking you to be OK with this too. We desperately need your feedback about what isn’t working because it helps us decide what’s important enough to focus on. But we also need you to understand that we won’t be able to act on everything you tell us. And that that’s OK.

We welcome feedback and questions on everything that we do. We know we’re not always right. So tell us what you think about this on events@local-welcome.org.