Dividing up leftover food

At the end of a Local Welcome meal there is often some food left over. This might be recipe leftovers (e.g. cooked potato rosti) or ingredient leftovers (e.g. raw eggs).

This food is normally thrown away. It can’t go back into the boxes because it will spoil before the next meal (and we re-order all the ingredients for each meal anyway).

We know that you care about minimising food waste. We do too. It’s OK for you to distribute this food to guests and members. It’s also OK for you to take the food yourself.

But we can’t provide any materials to help with this. Sorry. We have experimented with takeaway cartons and plastic boxes but we’ve found that it costs too much and it’s logistically too hard for us to deal with reordering and resupply of the boxes.

We hope you understand that we choose to spend our limited cash on the materials to make the meal itself run smoothly. Maybe in the future this will change.


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