Coping with missing food items

Local Welcome meals rely on supermarket deliveries for our ingredients. Our experience of supermarket deliveries is that they are pretty reliable! But sometimes there are substitutions and sometimes there are missing items.

When there are missing items in the delivery you have three options:

  1. Cook the recipes without the missing ingredients. Lots of ingredients (like herbs) are not strictly essential and the recipes will still work without them. It’s OK to make a judgement call about what will work.

  2. Pop out and buy replacements from a local supermarket. We don’t like asking you to spend your own money but Local Welcome will always reimburse the cost of the missing ingredients. It helps us to have a receipt!

  3. Cancel the whole meal. In extreme cases, or where the supermarket delivery does not turn up at all, it’s fine to cancel the whole meal. The on-call Local Welcome member of staff will help you cancel the meal.

It’s up to you and the other leaders to decide what to do if there is missing food. You can also call the on-call Local Welcome member of staff if you are unsure.

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