Cooking the same three recipes every time

For now, we’re sticking to the same three recipes for every Local Welcome meal. We know you’re already bored of potato rostis, tabbouleh, and chickpea salad! But there are good reasons why we are sticking to these recipes.

The main reason is that we are a tiny organisation and we are spending all our energy working out how to find groups of amazing local leaders, getting local people to pay to be part of it, finding refugee guests who will turn up, and ultimately growing the number of meals and the number of cities so we’re still here in the future.

The other reason is that our recipes are more complicated than they look! They all have 7 steps and take less than 40 minutes to make with the specific kit in our boxes. They’re all easy for people who don’t know how to cook. The ingredients fit with our strict budget. The three dishes work in different combinations so that people with different dietary requirements can always have something to eat. 

It takes time to develop and test new recipes and right now we’re spending that time on other priorities. We promise you that we will have more recipes at some point (we’re bored of them too!). But we ask you to be patient with us.


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