Turning people away without tickets

Local Welcome meals work best with 21 people (3 leaders, 9 members, 9 guests) sat across three tables (7 people per table). Meals with more than 30 people start to get too chaotic to have good conversations. And there’s not enough food to go round!

This is the reason we use tickets to control the numbers of people. This is not because we want to turn people away but because we want everyone who comes to a Local Welcome meal to have a good time. And have enough to eat.

So we issue 27 tickets (5 leaders, 12 members, 12 guests) because experience has shown us that some people who get tickets don’t turn up. In addition, members and guests can bring children under 18 without tickets.

If someone turns up without a ticket you should explain that they need a ticket to take part. It’s OK to make exceptions - but try not to have too many people at your meal!


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