Living life by our values

Local Welcome has 10 values:

  1. Build open, honest and diverse relationships

  2. Deliver joy through service

  3. Think big and act long-term

  4. Be creative and take risks

  5. Grow and learn

  6. Have compassion and fun

  7. Build diverse supportive teams

  8. Eat together

  9. Tell the truth

  10. Be humble

We take these values seriously. They are not empty corporate jargon. We hold each other to account using these values. It is not always easy but it’s important to us.

We expect our leaders to take these values seriously too. If anyone involved with Local Welcome is not living up to these values then we want to talk about it. We will support people who use our values to gently hold each other to account.

We welcome feedback and questions on everything that we do. We know we’re not always right. So tell us what you think about this on