Meet Celia’s team

Your Local Welcome table

Churchside Walk, Parliament Street, Derby, De22 3WL

Celia’s team has six monthly Sunday meals booked in at this venue, all from 12 pm - 2 pm on:

3 Feb 2019 / 3 Mar 2019 / 7 Apr 2019/ 5 May 2019/ 2 Jun 2019/ 7 Jul 2019


You can join as a member today and help your friend to fill their empty spaces.

You’ll join a team of 8 people and each month 4 of you will join a meal at your local community centre organised by your table leader.

We know people have busy lives and may not be able to attend once a month, so a team of 8 means there’s always enough people to complete the table.


Spend time with old friends and make new ones.

Share stories
Hear people’s stories and share your own.


Do something great
Be the change you want to see in your community.


Sign up and join your team today!