Why we want your money

Doing ‘good’ things costs money.

There are many ways charities fund what they do... they might apply to organisations like The National Lottery Community Fund for funding, they might bid for a Government contract to deliver their service, or they might ask for donations from supporters.

Local Welcome exists because organisations like the Lottery have chosen to invest in what we’re doing. And we’re really grateful to them, but we don’t want to rely on their money in the long term.

We want to be member funded

Our goal is to become a 100% member-funded organisation. Why? Because we’re accountable to whoever pays our bills and we want to be accountable to our members, not external organisations.

Being a member means something. It’s more than a direct debit leaving your account every month. It requires participation, action and engagement - all the things that Local Welcome thrives and relies on.

If being funded by external organisations is a cheese sandwich on the train, being member-funded is afternoon tea at the Ritz.

The sandwich has filled a gap for now, but it’s sitting down to scones, clotted cream and jam that we’re really looking forward to.

Membership is where money and action meet, and we need both.

Where does the money go?

Our biggest investment is in our team. These are the people working hard to bring our meals to communities across the UK and they’re our most valuable asset.

Our overheads are:

  • Our office, plus utilities

  • Insurances

  • Subscriptions to software systems like Hubspot

Our operating costs are:

  • Cooking kits and food

  • Travel

  • DBS checks and online safeguarding courses for leaders

  • Advertising our meals to leaders, members and guests

Financial accountability

Local Welcome is accountable to its board of trustees and ultimately to the Charity Commission. Our registered charity number is: 1180770.