Welcome, table leader...

We have created this page as a simple guide to use before, during and after our events. You can find useful information on how to set up the table, recipe steps and what to do at the end of an event.

Hope you will have an amazing time and good luck!


1- Your table setting


We know all that stuff in the Ikea Kit can be overwhelming.

That's why we made this simple guide.

Unpack the Ikea Kit and copy the photo for a perfect table setting every time.

Tip: If you are making the “potato röstis” recipe, you will also need to add the electric hob and frying pan in the center of your table.


2- Recipes and questions

It's time to guide the guests at your table. You will help them create a delicious meal. Along the way, you'll guide the conversation with our handy prompts too.

To get started, tap the recipe you will be cooking.

Tip: If you're not sure which recipe you're making today, please ask the Event Leader.


3- Finishing your event

Hope you had a wonderful event. Ready to clean up?

Follow these instructions to find out how.

If there’s a problem or something missing, send a text message to let us know.