Open up the venue


Arrive at the venue shortly before 11:00. This is important because the food delivery could arrive any time from 11:00.

  • Open up the venue using the access instructions in the host email.

  • Switch on the lights.

  • Allocate a safe space for coats and bags and put yours there to make it easy to point out for attendees.

  • Check everything is ok with the toilets, kitchen, bins and any disability access requirements.

  • Check for signs of any pests inside the venue (e.g. mouse droppings or fly infestations).

  • Decide among the leaders who:

    • Cooks which recipe

    • Goes to meet your guests at the hostel

    • Welcomes members and marks off attendance

    • Seats members and guests around the tables

    • Plays the role of the host (e.g. does the welcome and closing speeches)

    • Walks your guests back to the hostel

    • Locks up the venue.

If you encounter any problems, please call us: 07528 266 948