Opening speech


This is a friendly welcome to the whole group once everyone is sitting at their tables. It’s important to include all the information we give you here:

Information about the ritual:

  1. Explain the rough timings:

    • Cooking: 12.30-13.15 - each table cooks a different recipe

    • Eating: 13.15-14.00 - all of us eat the three recipes together

    • Washing up + End of the ritual: 14.00-14.30 - we all clean

  2. Reminder about mobile phones:

    We think it helps us all once they are out of our sight for couple of hours, to delve into the experience of the ritual.

  3. Introduce table leaders:

    • Introduce other table leaders.

    • Explain that every table has what they require

    • Reassure the attendees that they can just go with the flow, follow their table leader and enjoy the ritual.

  4. Information on the recipes:

    • Table 1: Potato Rostis

    • Table 2: Chickpea Salad

    • Table 3: Tabbouleh

    “Each table has allergen charts placed accordingly, please do check and communicate with your table leader if you are allergic to something or uncomfortable with anything.”


Remarks about safety

  1. Safety kit & knives

    • Be cautious of sharp knives

    • Point the safety kit in the room

  2. Photo consent

    Remind everyone that there might be people taking photographs, to be used for Local Welcome’s social media platforms.

    • Our policy is not to reveal names in any of the social media materials we use.

    • We never use a photo where a child’s face is easily recognisable, ie. photos taken from front.

    • If anyone is uncomfortable about this, give them an opt-out sticker.

  3. Hand sanitisation

  • Hand sanitiser gels or alternatively,

  • Washing hands by the order of tables.

Now it is time to put on some music, hit the play button, start the cooking ritual.

You’ve done amazingly well!