Potato Röstis - table setting


Step 1

Take three chopping boards, three knives, three peelers, three graters and three small metal bowls.

Assemble them as a unit per pair.

Artboard 16.png

Step 2

Place two large metal bowls in centre, one with liner for waste.

Artboard 3.png

Step 3

Place one set of measuring cups, three forks, three spoons and three plastic plates in the middle.

Artboard 4.png

Step 4

Place two turners, two tongs and three plastic plates by the electric hobs.

Artboard 21.png

Step 5

Place two frying pans and the frying oil next to hob.

Artboard 20.png

Step 6

Place salt & pepper, hand towel and sanitiser gel.

Artboard 19.png