Set up the room

(11:00 - 11:15)

Find the four Local Welcome boxes, move them into the meal space and open them ready to set up. The code for the luggage straps is 615.

Set up three large cooking tables in the middle of the room and put seven seats around each of them (three pairs and one single). You might need two small tables depending on table size.

Place a fourth table at the side of the room with the two hobs.

Test that the electric hobs work:

  • Plug in and turn on at wall. The hob will beep and a ‘lock’ indicator will flash.

  • Place the frying pan onto the ‘ring’ marker in the middle. The hob will NOT work if a pan isn’t placed on it!

  • Hold down the ‘lock’ button for a few seconds until it beeps again.

  • You should now hear a fan going and you will be able to adjust the temperature with the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.

  • Turn off the hob until you need it.

Place a fifth table for safety and eating equipment. Lay out the first aid kit, along with all the cutlery, paper towels, plastic coloured plates and bowls, etc.

Put up Local Welcome signs so that people know where to go when they arrive. Make sure you think about all possible entrances.

Set up the speakers and get some music going! Here’s the link for our Spotify playlist.