Tabbouleh - food setup


  • three lemons

  • two packs of mint

  • one pack of parsley

  • two packs of salad tomatoes

  • one lettuce

  • one pack of bulgar wheat

  1. Remove all the packaging, but keep the packets safe in case anyone needs to check the ingredients for allergies.

  2. Wash the mint, parsley, tomatoes and lettuce.

  3. Use the set of measuring cups to measure out the bulgar wheat into one small silver bowl: place three level 100ml scoops of bulgar into the bowl and add 600ml of boiling water.

  4. Place all the food and the bulgar bowl onto the table (using the coloured plates to hold the food, not the remaining silver bowls).

  5. Keep all the ingredients together e.g. don’t spilt by place setting