Become a Local Welcome leader!

You came to find out more, you legend! Here it is:

What we need from you

This is what you’re signing up for:

  1. Commit to leading 1 meal each month
    Each month we’ll send dates for our weekly meals. You sign up to one meal each month that fits your calendar.

  2. Pay our membership fee of £5 per month
    Most of this goes on food and equipment for the meals. The rest goes on our tiny team of seven people.

  3. Bring your friends along
    We are trying to build a sustainable group in Thornton Heath. It helps if you get your friends to come too!

What you get in return

Here’s what you can expect from Local Welcome:

  1. A venue plus food, equipment, and recipes
    We’ve secured your venue and you’ll get food delivered for your meals. We have loads of tried-and-tested recipes.

  2. An amazing, diverse group of refugees as guests
    We work with local refugee organisations. You’ll eat with guests who have incredible stories and life experiences.

  3. Training in safeguarding and food safety
    We know you need to feel prepared, that’s why we pay for your safeguarding training, food safety and DBS check.

Sounds good? Sign up now!

To get started, all we need is your legal name (the one on your passport) so that we can run a DBS check*…


* Creating a safe space is important to us at Local Welcome so we run a DBS check on all of our leaders. Because there might be vulnerable adults or children at our events, this check is always an Enhanced check with both Children’s and Adults’ barred lists checks. Read our safeguarding policy for more information or our privacy policy to see how we handle and store your data in line with GDPR regulations.